Making A More Efficient Home Office

If you're new to the work-at-home world, there's a lot of work needed to reduce distractions and keep your workflow as close to optimal as possible. Whether it's a permanent home office for your main operations or just something for work from home days away from the regular job, you'll need to make sure minimal changes or adjustments are done as soon as you step into working mode. Here's a few things to consider when setting up or rearranging your home office for the better.

Cell Phone Brands, Their Ability to Resist Different Types of Damage, and How That Info Will Help You

As technology continues to advance, cell phones are getting harder and harder to damage. That is great for you, the consumer, since a cell phone is a major investment. However, not all cell phones are able to resist all kinds of damage, and many of them require you to send the phone back to the manufacturer for cell phone repair. Here are some examples of different phones and the types of damage they are able to resist, which may help you decide on what brand of new phone to get next.