Cell Phone Brands, Their Ability to Resist Different Types of Damage, and How That Info Will Help You

As technology continues to advance, cell phones are getting harder and harder to damage. That is great for you, the consumer, since a cell phone is a major investment. However, not all cell phones are able to resist all kinds of damage, and many of them require you to send the phone back to the manufacturer for cell phone repair. Here are some examples of different phones and the types of damage they are able to resist, which may help you decide on what brand of new phone to get next.

High-Tech Remedies: How The All-In-One Desktop Alleviates Medical Practice Growing Pains

If your medical, dental or veterinary office is running out of room to expand, it's time to investigate innovative, space-saving technology like all-in-one desktop PCs. Aside from the extra room they provide, all-in-one desktops may be the smartest choice for your practice in several other ways. Here's what you need to know when shopping for your office's next computers: All-in-one desktop computers can fit nearly anywhere. These computers save space by combining screens with computer hardware.