Lighten Up Your Webcam Streaming Setup and Get More Followers

If you're a gamer, and are looking to get more followers for your Twitch stream, then it is important to have a really good lighting setup. With Twitch streaming becoming ever more popular, you need to make sure your setup is on point so that you standout from the crowd. Of course you need a good personality and good content, but you also want to have excellent lighting. Gone are the days of blurry webcams and bad microphones. Now you need to prepare as though you are putting on a professional show. It doesn't matter if you're streaming Halo or playing poker, you need good lighting.

Soft Key Light for Your Face

You cannot rely on the computer monitor to provide light for your face. There are lots of reasons why. Most importantly, the light form your monitor changes. It is not a constant light, so your face is going to be in shadows one minute, and bright the next. If you play a fast moving game, then you're also going to be dealing with flashing lights. It won't look professional and can even nauseate some people. The solution is to use what photographers and call a key light. This is the main light source illuminating your face. While you can just get a lamp and place it next to your monitor, it's not the best solution. What you need to do is get a dedicated light and place it behind your monitor.

You have a few options. A popular type of light that beauty Youtubers use are ring lights (sometimes called diva lights). These originally were designed to be placed over the camera (the hollow ring was where the lens would go) and the created a nice soft key light. You can now get ring lights that can be attached to light stands and placed directly behind your monitor. Ring lights do tend to create a halo effect (which some photographers love) so if you have a flat wall right behind you, it is something to be aware of.

Another option for a soft key light is a softbox. These are large boxes with a white covering over the bulbs. They create a diffused light that is not to harsh. They are really great if you are sensitive to bright lights and the ring lights are just too bright.

Fill Light With an LED Panel

In addition to a key light, you need a fill light that will brighten up the room. There is nothing more amateur than a really bright face and a dark room. It can even be quite spooky. Overhead lighting often times is either too much (if you're going for a nighttime, chill vibe in your room) or not specific enough. A fill light can illuminate, dimly the background so that you and your face are still the primary focus, but the background is visible.

A great way to do this is to get led panels with adjustable poles. You can set them up out of the line of sight of the webcam and use them to illuminate the room. Make sure to get LED UGR paleness so that they don't throw off an ugly glare. For more help with your lighting setup, talk to a company like Liht.