Prevent the Spread of Germs Via School Headsets with These Simple Tips

In the computer lab, for use with tablets, or otherwise, school headsets are easily one of the most important things to have around for audio. The only problem with having an item that is placed so closely to the mouth and nose in school is the fact that this item is bound to become the source for spreading germs. Throughout the year, it is best to keep this in mind with your school headsets as they get passed around. To ensure your school headsets don't contribute to the spread of illness in your classroom, it is a good idea to follow these simple rules. 

Have students clean the headsets before and after every use. 

Have several containers of sanitary disinfectant wipes, bottles of alcohol and paper towels, or even just small pre-moistened alcohol pads on hand or near every desk. Instruct your students to use these items to wipe down the headphones before they use them and after they get done using them for the day. Cleaning and disinfecting the headphones can go a long way toward stopping germs in their tracks so the next student doesn't catch something from the previous user. 

Don't store all headphones in a small location together. 

A lot of classroom instructors pick a designated spot in the classroom for all of the headphones to be stored away when they are not in use, whether this place is a large plastic tote or a specific drawer. While this may seem like a good idea to keep the units protected and out of the way, if one child has managed to get germs all over one pair of headphones, this is a good way to get the germs all over many other pairs as well. It is a much better idea to store each pair of headphones separately or simply leave them hanging at workstations or in each desk. 

Assign each student their own headphones to personally use if possible. 

It is ideal if every student has their own set of headphones to be in charge of anyway, but this is especially true when there is a concern of spreading germs, such as during cold and flu season. If it is at all possible, assign each student with their own headphones that only they are allowed to use in the classroom. At the end of class, students should tuck their personal headphones away in a protective Ziploc bag or container so they do not come in contact with everyone else's headphones while stored away in a closet or drawer.