Cell Phone Brands, Their Ability to Resist Different Types of Damage, and How That Info Will Help You

As technology continues to advance, cell phones are getting harder and harder to damage. That is great for you, the consumer, since a cell phone is a major investment. However, not all cell phones are able to resist all kinds of damage, and many of them require you to send the phone back to the manufacturer for cell phone repair. Here are some examples of different phones and the types of damage they are able to resist, which may help you decide on what brand of new phone to get next.


Apple's iPhones have come a very long way. The first six models could be destroyed simply by dropping them, stepping on them, sitting on them, or dousing them in liquid. The 6S finally had a screen that was a little more durable than all of its predecessors combined, although the case and guts of the phone were still easily destroyed by falls and fluids. The iPhone 7 is the first model in its line that can be submerged and not be ruined, and that has a lot to do with the removal of the headphone jack. Its casing is also less destructible in order to compete with Samsung. If you have the 7, great. If not, you are probably going to have to be ultra-careful with your phone, or you will be sending it back to the company for repairs.


Samsung phones are some of the first ones to tout "Gorilla glass," a screen plate made from a completely indestructible type of glass. It is also the first of its kind to withstand a lot of water and other liquids and not end up with its circuits fried. Most of the issues with this company's phones are directly related to internal circuitry flaws and programming bugs. Usually, the company will recall the worst phone models with issues and replace them free of charge, but you do have to contact the company for your replacement.


Back when PDAs were a hot thing to own, this company produced many of the personal assistant organizers/phone devices. They had a lot of problems, especially when dropped. The tiny keys would pop loose and then you would have to hire a cell phone repair company to put the keys back in without causing more damage. Blackberry has also come a long way, making their phone/PDA devices much more durable. Still, if you have a problem with any part of your device, consult with the retailer first and the manufacturer second.

For more information about what cell phone repairs you should be careful to avoid, talk to your cell phone manufacturer.