High-Tech Remedies: How The All-In-One Desktop Alleviates Medical Practice Growing Pains

If your medical, dental or veterinary office is running out of room to expand, it's time to investigate innovative, space-saving technology like all-in-one desktop PCs. Aside from the extra room they provide, all-in-one desktops may be the smartest choice for your practice in several other ways.

Here's what you need to know when shopping for your office's next computers:

All-in-one desktop computers can fit nearly anywhere.

These computers save space by combining screens with computer hardware. The screen/computer combo looks like a large flat screen monitor on steroids.

You only need space for the screen, a keyboard and a mouse. There's no bulky tower stealing foot room underneath the desk or taking up precious space on top of the desk.

They're perfect for treatment carts, as long as you choose models that have portable battery power, or you have self-powered carts, or carts that can access electrical outlets.

Innovative screens enhance medical-records management.

All-in-one desktop screens are available in sizes up to 27", which is a great feature when video-conferencing or when multiple staff members need to discuss patient data.

The touchscreen capabilities allow them to handle programs and apps running on Windows 8.0 and above. They also offer you options of comparing lab results side by side, charting the correct meds for test results while analyzing those results, and taking patient histories while comparing answers to past histories.

Some screens will lay nearly flat, which can be helpful when multitasking. The maneuverable screens also make them great reference points during surgery and other procedures. Auto-rotate features will orient the screen automatically if you need to view a page in portrait mode.

Imagine all-in-one business machines.

When hooked up to a printer, the all-in-one can generate billing statements, insurance forms and printed lab results. As long as you don't need the all-in-one to store massive amounts of data, they are perfect options for temporary storage of files. Add more hardware if you want more storage to solve the performance issue, but cloud storage is a safe option without any upgrades to the all-in-one operating system.

These sleek, space-saving PCs will fit in your reception areas, in each office and treatment room, and on portable carts. They're great for transcription areas and labs.

Some all-in-one desktop PCs are available in portable models that can be transported to hospitals, to nursing homes and to pet owners' residences.

If your practice is expanding but your office space is not, consider the all-in-one desktop PC to ease those nagging growing pains.